Shimano Beast Master 3000XS New

Shimano Beast Master 3000XS New
Product Code: Beast Master 3000XS New
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Function of Shimano BeastMaster 3000XP and 3000XS
Auto Line Delivery
Jigging/Pick up button
Jigging Mode (Programmable Jigging Function)
If you set ON, You can change the patterns of Invitation and set original movement.
Top / Bottom Mode
e-Exciting drag sound
Line tension display
Fukase Mode (Swimfeeder fishing)
If you set ON, You can change Hitting Alarm sound speed 0 - Hi
Easy mode
Easy mode is the function which maintain the tension you have settled.
It means that reel chatch the tention of line and change the rotation of motor automatically 
and maintain the fixed tention.
Speed mode
This function is to maintain the speed whether you wind big or small fish. It means the motor
of this reel adjust the speed (rotation spped of spool) regardless of the weight to the reel.

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